The Chemical Dilemma

The natural system of the bay is more suited to handle the excess amount of nitrogen if there is enough filter-feeding marine life thriving in the waters. Lobue and The Nature Conservancy approach this issue by stock enhancement, or dumping healthy, adult clams into the bay.

By taking clams from areas like the Long Island Sound and hatcheries, which are controlled breeding environments, and dumping them into the Great South Bay, Lobue hopes that this will boost reproduction of clams.

Stock enhancement is a two-part recovery as it introduces adult clams that can reproduce as well as increasing the overall health of the bay, as these new clams will be able to feed off the healthy algae and limit the spread of brown tide.

Despite the low number of clams still left in the bay, Kuhn has his heart set on pursuing his passion.

“I do it because I really like it,” said Kuhn. “I can still go out there and do it as an enjoyment. I’ve been doing this my whole life and I’m going to keep on doing it because I really like it.”