About the Project

clam pic



Clam digging was once a staple industry in the south shore communities of Long Island, N.Y.

Today, these clams have nearly disappeared from the Great South Bay.

It was in 2010 when I first jumped into the waters of the bay and pulled a clam up from the bottom. I soon learned how small of a clam population existed but also how large it once was. Three years later, knowing I would be dedicating my last semester in the Stony Brook School of Journalism to the completion of my senior project, I looked into the clams of the Great South Bay.

My goal was to collect as much pertinent information as possible and deliver it to the public in both an informative and interesting way. During the three months of my reporting I met with and interviewed state officials and scientists to get the facts. Read through stacks of published works, research and studies to understand the clam depletion on a chemical level. I even spent time on the Great South Bay clamming with current diggers.

There is much being done currently to bring back the shellfish population of the south shore and on several different fronts. Widespread public awareness is the next step in helping bring back the clam population of the Great South Bay.

I hope you enjoy learning about this important marine species and the beautiful bay in which they live.